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18 Nov 2013
Basics Of Thresh: Laning Phase. Basics of laning phase for da Thresh :D Add me on Facebook if you want to ask me any question! Facebook page ? Thanks for subscribing guys! Let me know what you guys think of the video in the comments below :D I wanna be a
15 Feb 2015 Miss Fortune is a mediocre lane partner for Thresh. Their level 6 spike is powerful, but the early laning phase for both of them is rough, and both get outscaled by most counterparts. As with all lanes, use your Dark Passage to protect Miss Fortune in short trades, which she thrives in. The problem with this
So here is my request : would you Summoners have some advices to give me on how to improve my laning phase as a Support ? I have since tried to play a bit more aggressive, trying to focus on my skills as Lulu / Thresh ([auto attacks poke] I actually do not consider Annie being a Support, and I'm quite
14 Mar 2015
I always do bad in laning phase as Thresh, but I'm good after that. How do I improve my laning phase?
8 Feb 2017 This Thresh guide will walk you through not only the the Chain Warden's abilities and builds, but the top Thresh counters and playstyle tips for optimal Thresh is arguably weakest during the laning phase, when supports and their Marksmen take to the bottom lane and 2v2 through the early levels. He can't
22 Dec 2015 Hi fellow amino readers, i'm ToonLink(is away) and this is the third and last part of Thresh's guide where i will cover all the "pratical part" of the game: the laningphase, lategame, roams and other spare tips about this matter. Laning Phase. Thresh is a really versatile support both in matchups and phases of
20 Nov 2016 I go down the Cunning tree mainly for Wanderer and Meditation. Wanderer helps a bunch when roaming with Thresh (which you should do) and helps chasing down targets through the entire game. Meditation helps the most in the laning phase. Thresh's abilities cost a surprisingly large amount of mana in
Late in laning phase, it's important to know exactly the range on your Box wall. You can gain another small advantage by activating it right on top of an opponent. This means they can't flash/avoid it and you'll apply the slow/damage instantly. If you do have someone inside the box keep in mind that you can