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(10), the Pre-eclampsia Community Guideline (PRECOG). (13) and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gy- necologists (ACOG) (14) use slightly different systems. To enable clarity and communication in a multidisci- plinary setting, this CPG encourages uniform use of ter- minology, classifications and definitions
4 Jun 2008 In 2001, APEC embarked on an ambitious plan to regularly assemble a multidisciplinary group of interested people to develop a community guideline for the screening and early detection of pre-eclampsia. Participants comprising the PRECOG development group represent former sufferers, obstetric
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Pre-eclampsia day assessment unit (DAU) guideline (PRECOG 2) Following the success of the first Pre-eclampsia community guideline (PRECOG 1) (Action on Pre-eclampsia (APEC), 2004) – which brings together the best available evidence to screen and refer pregnant women in the community – PRECOG 2 lays out the
p.14 Recommendation 8: Assessment of fetal compromise in the community. Comments, illustrations, resource implications and PRECOG members p.15 Comments from validation procedure p.16 Clinical illustrations of the use of the guideline p.18 Resource implications p.20 Pre-eclampsia Community Guideline
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PRECOG1 (Pre-eclampsia Community Guideline) provides a comprehensive guide to the early detection of pre-eclampsia in the community and was published in 2004. PRECOG2 provides detailed guidelines for midwives working in Day Assessment Units as to how to assess women with suspected
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