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This product is no longer sold by Keysight. Please use the links on this page for available support and assistance.
The 8505A from Keysight, part of the 8505A series, is a 2 input network analyzer. The model measures a frequency range from 0.5 to 1300 MHz and a maximum dynamic range of 100 dBM. The 8505A's maximum output power is 10 dBm. < Back to Product Overview · Download Manual
Programming the Network Analyzer. The 8505A Network Analyzer comes equipped with 001 option, which allows the front panel controls of the analyzer to be set automatically (remote mode), instead of manually (local mode). The analyzer's controls are set by receiving ASCII code via an HP-IB and data is transmitted from
RF Network Analyzer, 500 kHz to 1.3 GHz (cont.) Models asoaA/B, 8502A/B, 11850A/B, 11851A-11858A, 118578, 1121A. HP 8503A. HP 8502A. HP 11850A HP 11851A. HP 8502A 50 Q Transmission/Reflection Test Set. HP 85028 75 9 Includes: four 19 cm (7.5") cables for connection to HP 8505A. Recommended
8753D Option C14 Network Analyzer Operating and Service Manual Modifications. Part Number: 08753-90356 (Jun96). 8505A RF Network Analyzer Basic Measurements Operating Guide. Part Number: 08505-90084 35665A Dynamic Signal Analyzer HP-IB Programming Manual. Part Number: 35665-90030 (Sep91)
designed around the Model 8505/4 Network Analyzer are furnished with example . SPECIFICATIONS. HP Model 8505A Network Analyzer . s-parameters. It is fully programmable through the HP Inter face Bus for use in automatic systems, as well as being operable manually. Acknowledgments. Steve Lund and Brent
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