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13 Jan 2015
30 Nov 2016
7 Dec 2015
Battery. My battery is not charging; My battery is not holding its charge; My battery won't switch on/off; My battery won't connect to my charger. Leaking. Twisp flavour is leaking from the airholes/atomizer base; There is flavour leaking out of the mouthpiece. Charging. My battery won't charge at all; My device is not creating
Is there a guarantee on the device? Are there any special instructions for the batteries? Sometimes I get a little of the liquid in my mouth, how do I avoid that? Can anyone use Twisp? Are there any side effects? Does the vapour smell or stain like tobacco smoke? Do I have to purchase the Twisp liquids to refill my cartridges?
Introducing. The Twisp Vega. The Twisp VEGA is the most advanced device in our Twisp range. It offers greater power, increased battery capacity and a brand new Smart Tank design with sleek, all-round glass and improved flavour level visibility. But what really sets the VEGA apart from other devices, is that it is the first to
To use the Manual Battery, simply click the button 5 times fast to unlock, then click to puff. To lock your battery, click the button 5 times fast. 650 mAH Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery. This product carries a 6-month warranty against manufacturer defect, with an estimated lifespan of 500 cycles.
Hello When using my Twisp Vega, I need to click the button once, then press it again and hold it in order for it to work. My key lock is not enabled.
Is there anyone on here that perhaps owns a Twisp Vega ? If so, a bit of experience or access to a user manual might be of assistance to another member
15 Jun 2013