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4 Apr 2013
I know these instructions sound crazy but it's a very reliable method for opening the disc drive if it's stuck. when mine doesnt like to open i take my finger and brush it lightly along the disk tray and that usually does it, jaming things inside of it isnt to good of an idea, i gave my xbox some good scars and it didnt really help.
16 Nov 2007 Manually open your Xbox 360 disk drive. Is your Xbox 360 disk tray jammed? Can't get your disk out? Ive got the solution for you!! Sometimes you cannot open the disc drive by pressing the eject button on the Xbox 360 console. This might happen if: There is a hardware failure with the console: the disk

29 Jul 2010
You must use a large paper clip because it must be inserted about 1.5 inches (nearly 4 centimeters) to successfully eject the disc. Position the console horizontally, as you would position a DVD player. Find the eject hole behind the vents on the left side of the console.
19 Aug 2008
@TheCreamFilling said: I don't know if the Slim60s have it, but the original 360s had a secret disc tray eject button under the faceplate in case of stuff like this. All disc drives are supposed to have that very button. OP: Yeah, I've been having the same issues. Usually I can just wait a minute and push the eject button again,
Repairing Xbox 360 Stuck Optical Drive: Repairing a DVD tray in an Xbox 360 that is sticking or will not open.
23 Oct 2012