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I just got a set of coliovers a while ago and also got some Eibach camber bolts. I don't know how to install them though. The one thing I can't figure.
26 Aug 2013
8 Jun 2012 Note: This is an installation guide for Eibach Camber Bolts. These camber bolts are adjustable to aid in achieving proper tire alignment after lowering a vehicle. This is NOT a guide on how to properly align these camber bolts after lowering your vehicle. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you take your
14 Jul 2004 I got my camber bolts, but this doesn't make any sense at all. I have searched and searched, can find nothing on how to install them. The instructions.
This diagram is taken from the SPC install instructions. (linked below). This little washer tab sits inside the bolt hole (you cannot see it when assembled) and is key to the camber bolts providing camber change. (LEFT PIC) For adding "negative" camber (where the top of tire leans toward the inside of the car), you set the top
2015+ Subaru WRX/STI Lowering Springs. Installation Guide. Package Contents: Tools Needed: 2x Front Springs. 19mm Socket (6 point). 2x Rear Springs. 19mm Open End Wrench. 2x Front Bump Stops (WRX only). 12mm Open End For track/auto-x with stock camber bolts: Maximum negative front camber, 0 toe. Rear.
I installed Eibach springs on my WRX and also have Eibach camber bolts that I would like to install before I have an alignment done on my car. The.
Installation guide. KCA326. Code: Z395. Application: - Subaru Impreza GH 10/07-on. Always refer to current catalogue for complete application listing. KCA326 is a rear camber adjusting kit consisting of a complete set of upper control arm replacement polyurethane bushes. Utilizing. 'short-long bolt' turning mechanism,
OK, now that we've got the boilerplate out of the way, lets move on to specific instructions. To Install an Aftermarket Camber Bolt in the Front Lower Position to Add Negative Camber Note: The arrow on the head of the bolt USUALLY points at the lobe. Sometimes, they miss. Verify they're lined up before you