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Leatherback bearded dragons are like normal bearded dragon morphs, but have an absence or reduction of the tubercles (rough scales) on the dragons back which give them a leathery like appearance. They are relatively expensive in the market because there are simply not many and usually the colors of a leatherback
I have been trying to figure out what morph type will hatch from the eggs I have in the incubator but the more I read online the more I am confused. Here are what the parents are and a couple of photos of them. Male (Loki) - Red Translucent (Het Hypo) X Beasley Red Leatherback (Double Het) Female (Lily)
Anyone new to bearded dragons has a difficult time getting their head around the different "morphs". Many confuse Hypo dragons will have less dark pigment and will appear lighter in color. While the Italian and American are pretty much the same thing the recessive leatherback gene is totally different besides the look.
20 Apr 2016 Here's our list of the most popular Bearded dragon morphs in the world, based upon our years of experience keeping and breeding these lizards. Out of all the bearded dragon morphs, silkies or silkbacks are the most unique in physical appearance and the easiest to distinguish at a single glance.
25 Jul 2017 1 Bearded Dragon Colors. 1.1 Red Bearded Dragons; 1.2 Yellow Bearded Dragons; 1.3 White Bearded Dragons; 1.4 Purple/Blue Bearded Dragons; 1.5 Standard Colored Bearded Dragons. 2 Bearded Dragon Morphs. 2.1 Classic/Standard Bearded dragon; 2.2 Leatherback Bearded dragon
There are countless colors, many different types. and nine different species of bearded dragons. See which one Silkback Bearded Dragons Since selective breeding can produce so many color variations of bearded dragons, it would be pointless to list all the different names the breeders have given their specific breed.
There are set discovered morphs for bearded dragons and none of them are named for color. The known dragon morphs are Classic/Standard, Leatherback, Translucent, Hypomelanistic, Dunner, German Giant, Silkback, Witblits, Zero, Wero and Paradox. The dragon's morph can affect their color, but Morph mainly has to do
Tips for breeding bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) morphs.
Pairing, % of Leatherbacks in Clutch, % of Silkbacks in Clutch, % of Normals in Clutch, Clutch Outcome. Leatherback X Normal, 50%, 0%, 50%, Half of clutch will be Leatherbacks Half of clutch will be Normals. Leatherback X Leatherback, 50%, 25%, 25%, Half of clutch will be Leatherback Quarter of clutch will be Silkbacks