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Accutron Service Manual Series 214 & Accutron Service Manual Series 218 on Cd [information4all] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Accutron Service Manual Series 214 & Accutron Service Manual Series 218 on CD By: Bulova Watch Company ©1969 Illustrated - 85 pages - on CD It is scanned
Time setting instructions for vintage Bulova Accutron Tuning Fork Watches Models 214 and 218. How do I set the Accutron tuning fork 214, 218 and 2242 (AccuQuartz), time setting, for accutron repair, call OFT. It will function automatically except that a manual correction is necessary after a month with less than 31 days.
rlMd ACCUTRON Service Kit, t. A special triplepurpnae drctric Test Set. :x,. A molded pJusLie Movement llolder. 3. A special Locking-rinR" Wrench. A. An Index Finger Post Wrench. Each item will bo -described (pages 3-5) and its use fully explained and illustrated inthe seftions of this- manual covering diagnoais and acrvic-.
any watchmalrer should be able to learn to service the ACCUTRDN movement in a matter of hours with the aid of this ice operations on ACCUTRON is contained in this manual; study it thoroughly. There are certain ways in service the basic ACCUTRUN movement {Model 214}. It has been ar- ranged in a way which will
ACCUTRDN. for which Ihere is a separate service manual. If so, you will ?nd that while Ihe repair and servicing procedures [or 21-1 and 213 ACCUTRGN movements are basically the same. Ihere are physical di?erences between the two. primarily in the arrangement of parts. Unlilre the 214 ACCUTRDN movement. Ihe 213
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As these Manuals are in the Public Domain I thought I would upload them. Hope they may be of use. Vich Accutron 218 service manual2.pdf Accutron218Servic
2. M?vern?n Holder. H. Larking-ring wr?nch. 4. Collet Adjusting T??l. In addition, the revised ACCUTRON Service Kit has the other special tools neces-. Hury t? H?rvit? the 214 movement. Note: If you already ?wn ?n ACCITRON Survive Kit for the ACCITTRON Model. *11, Y?u run have it m?dified to huntil thr? ALUITTRON Series
Ragalatiun Fullawing Repair _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 23. Inllliinnaliun aadlldinta fur t-hc-AGUUTRUN Elapairman _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3U'. Page 3. FOREWORD. 1t takes years to train s wnteinnslier to repsir sn ordinary watch. Bilt eny wetehmsker should he stile to lesrn to service the